Talent Consultancy

Jeep Management has the resources to put you in contact with performers of the highest calibre, versatility and professionalism.

Whether you need talent for film clips, television or print media advertisements, film, musical theatre, catwalk or fashion shoots, corporate events or live shows, Jeep Management prides itself on finding a perfect marriage between our talent and your needs.

Entertainment Consultancy

Jeep Management takes the time to gain an intimate understanding of each client and their business. We pay close attention to the requests made by each client, and tailor our concept and design proposal accordingly.

Clients of Jeep Management know that their event will be truly “couture” – unique, innovative, captivating. No imitations or limitations.

Alternatively, you may like to choose from our extensive “ready-to-wear” collection. We are certain you will find an entertainment piece that will suit your event and your budget.

Once you book with Jeep Management, our experienced team of industry professionals will ensure that you sit back, relax, enjoy the show – and receive compliments from your colleagues and guests.

Choreography & Direction

For eye-popping choreography, look no further than Jeep Management. Our choreographers combine diverse talent, credentials and experience to deliver the counts of eight that you desire.

Jazz, tap, hip hop, musical theatre, lyrical or contemporary – Jeep Management has access to choreographers of all dance persuasions.

If what you are looking for is direction or people placement rather than a full-out routine, Jeep Management can also provide those services. We specialise in catwalk direction and formation.

Fashion Styling

Catwalk queens and corporate high-flyers take note: Jeep Management creates head-turning looks for celebrities and individuals alike.

From red carpet to magazine photo shoot to fashion runway to “do or die” sales pitch, Jeep Management can style the most important ingredient: you.

Remember that a good impression only lasts one moment, but a great one lasts forever.

Hair/Makeup Team

Just as shoes can make or break an outfit, hair and makeup have the potential to complete your style or trash it. Don’t ever be good from afar but far from good – enlist the help of Jeep Management.

Using the right Artists, Jeep Management work with you to bring your vision to life.

The team at Jeep Management specialise in imaging for the catwalk, fashion shoots, film and television. Hit all the right notes at your next event – have your talent styled to the nines by Jeep Management.


High art, pop art, catwalk or studio shoot – whatever your fashion focus, our team of visionary photographers and videographers capture true beauty in celluloid.

Memories fade. Preserve your event forever in still or moving images.

Costume Design

Jeep Management can provide you with stand-out costume design. We can also put you in contact with costume designers who are leaders in their field.

Costume is essential to concept and theme. It is the cherry on top. Complete your event with costumes designed to perfection by Jeep Management.